What is Ad Extension?

Ad extensions are extra snippets of data about your business, like a telephone number or a link to a particular page on your site, you can add to your ads. Ad extensions are free to add to your ads, with the standard charges for any clicks  you get. Including ad extensions will improve the visibility of your ads, which might result in a lot of clicks and improve your ROI.Digital Marketing services in Hyderabad

Why Extensions?

Extensions expand your ad with additional information—giving individuals more reasons to pick your business. Extension formats include location information, call buttons, additional text, additional links, and more.

  1. Performance: With extensions, you tend to get additional worth for your advertising investment. Ad extensions usually increase your total number of clicks and may provide people additional, interactive ways in which of reaching you as with maps or calls. In fact, analysis shows Ad extensions yield a mean 10-15% increase in click-through-rate for each type of extension implemented. Digital Marketing services in Hyderabad
  2. Visibility: By adding additional content to your ad, extensions provide your ad visibility greater  and prominence on the search results page. which means more people might notice your ad.
  3. Value/Cost: There’s no additional  cost to add extensions to your campaign, clicks on your ad (including your extension) are charged as was common. So you’re charged a click  when somebody calls you from your call extension, or when someone downloads your application from your app extension.

When do Extensions show up?

AdWords shows your extensions depending on various factors, for example,

  • Your Ad Rank, which joins your bid, landing page, and also the quality of your ad, Ad Rank thresholds, context of the person’s search, and expected impact of extensions and different ad formats. AdWords needs a minimum Ad Rank (factoring in your extensions) before showing extensions. So, you will ought to increase your bid or your ad quality (or both) so as for your extensions to point out.
  • The position of your ad on the SERP(Google search results page).There’s a limited amount of area out there on top of Google search results for ad extensions, and ads in higher positions get the primary chance to  show extensions. Ads in lower positions usually won’t have a lot of extensions than ads in higher positions. Plus, the AdWords system usually won’t permit ads in lower positions to induce a lot of progressive clicks from extensions than the progressive clicks they’d get from moving up to a better position. to indicate ads in higher positions, usually you would like to extend your ad quality, bid, or both. Digital Marketing services
  • Other extensions you’ve enabled. In every auction, we’ll typically show your highest acting and most helpful combination of eligible extensions and formats. you may not be ready to get a mixture of extensions which supplies additional expected click-through-rate (CTR) than the expected CTR of a better ad position.