For any Business to be Successful, it should implement strong Marketing Strategies. Earlier most of the Businesses use Traditional Marketing Techniques to promote their Products but these days this has been changed drastically as most of the Business people are using Digital Marketing Techniques.Digital marketing services in hyderabad

So, let’s take a look on difference between Traditional and Digital Marketing Techniques and know which is best suitable for your Business.Digital marketing agency in hyderabad

Traditional Marketing:

Traditional Marketing refers to any type of promotion, advertising or campaign that has been in use by any business for years, and that has a proven success rate. Traditional Marketing includes business cards, printed ads in newspapers or magazines. It can also include word of mouth, distributing pamphlets, banners, posters, commercials ads on TV and radio, billboards and brochures. Traditional Marketing is a one way communication

Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing refers to promoting or advertising our products and services through digital devices like mobiles, laptops etc with the help of online.Digital Marketing platforms include Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Online Paid Ads,  Social Media Marketing through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.

As we know that what is Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing. Let have a look on difference between both.

1. Cost:

In Traditional Marketing, to run Television Ads, Newspaper Ads cost of advertising is very high compared to Digital marketing services in India.

In Digital Marketing, cost for advertising and promoting business is affordable. Even small startups can also afford to promote their business online through digital marketing company in Hyderabad

2. Real Time Results:

 In Traditional Marketing, it takes lot of time to get the desired results. We have to wait for weeks, sometimes for months to get the results. But in Digital Marketing we can get quick results. You can see everything in real time like number of visitors, conversion rates, bounce rates, most active time of the day. Based on these analysis, we can take further steps to promote our business. Digital marketing services in Hyderabad


3. Quicker Publicity:

Through Digital Marketing, it’s very easy to get quick response for our Ads. We can reach our new audience and earn a new visitor very fast within seconds. Whereas, in Traditional Marketing, it’s very difficult to get response from the audiences.Digital marketing company in hyderabad


4. Exposure:

In Traditional Marketing, Ads on TV, Radio, Newspaper ads are limited to some particular locality whereas in Digital Marketing in hyderabad through ads we can reach anywhere in the world.

5. Engagement with Audiences:

In Traditional Marketing, you cannot really interact with your target audience. You need to wait for the responses to come in before you plan your next step. This takes a lot of time.Digital marketing agency india

Whereas in Digital Marketing you can engage with your audience in real-time. You can chat and discuss a more regarding your brand or company with the actual audience immediately. You have to be prepared to invest time to engage with audiences. Digital marketing services in India

6. Analytics:

In Digital Marketing, you can know what is working for and what isn’t working through Google Analytics. You can easily measure the arriving traffic, bounce rate, conversion rate, profit and interested audience. Whereas in Traditional marketing it difficult to analyze everything.Digital marketing company in Hyderabad