What is E-Mail Marketing?


E-mail Marketing is the strategy used to promote our business or services by sending email to the potential or current customers. We can send Advertisements, Business requests to develop better relations with customers.

Strategies for E-Mail Marketing:

1. Personalization for customers:


Personalization is a marketing technique by which we can send relevant and personalize email to our subscribers. We can send personalized emails by inserting the first name of the subscribers instead of addressing them by dear valued customer. These days, many companies use personalize emails to build customers trust.

2. Use Subject lines that improve Conversions:

Just like the headlines in traditional newspapers, subject lines in emails also play an important role. Just by seeing subject line, people decide whether to open that mail or not. So, subject line should be short, simple and powerful. Subject line which include first name of the subscriber are the ones that are opened easily.

3. Segmentation:


Try segmenting your customer into different categories based on their behavior, interests and where they are in your buyer’s journey. Use Behavioral segmentation based on how they have interacted with your website in the past. We can use the segmented and behavior data to send automated emails that deliver most relevant content exactly when it’s most needed like sending email on subscriber’s birthday or post purchase emails.

4. Test your E – Mails:   


Use can use A/B testing to know which one works for your business. You can send emails with two different subject lines and test which one has been opened most of the times. This technique helps you to recognize which subject lines are working for more conversions. Digital Marketing services in hyderabad

5. Automate E-Mail Campaigns:


We can send automated emails based on interest, behavior of the subscriber’s. The most common forms of automated mails are welcome mails, thank you mails, transaction emails, order confirmation mails. Automated emails are much better than normal emails as subscribers receive mails based on their behavior on website.

6. Provide Free Content:


Once in a while try providing free content that is helpful for the subscriber’s. Whenever a person receives mails he checks whether that is useful to them or not. You can send freebies like eBooks, expert interviews, brain teasers etc. Research also shows emails with free content are most opened mails.Digital marketing company in hyderabad