Social Media Marketing is the process of promoting our products or services through social media sites. As most of the people spend lot of time on social media, it’s easy to promote our business online. There are many social media channels, only thing is we need select right platform for our business to promote online.  

Here is the list of different types of Social Media channels and uses of them:

  1. Social Networking Sites
  2. Media Sharing Sites
  3. Discussion Forums
  4. Social Bookmarking sites
  5. Social Review sites
  6. Social Content sharing services
  1. Social Networking Sites:

Social Networking Sites are used to connect with people. Popular Social Networking Sites are Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social Networking Sites help people and organisations to connect online and share information and ideas. These Social Networking sites are designed to provide simple services like Twitter is a site designed to share short messages and updates of what we are doing with others. Whereas Facebook is used to share photos, updates, information and a variety of activities.Digital marketing services in hyderabad

Through LinkedIn, we can connect with professional people and we can also use it to get a job. If we want to promote our business online, these social networking sites are necessary to advertise our business. Digital marketing agency


2. Media Sharing Sites:



Media Sharing Sites are used to find and share photos, videos, live videos and other media online. Most popular Media Sharing Sites are Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat etc. We can create Brand awareness, lead generation, Audience Engagement through Media sharing sites. Visual content like images, photos can easily capture our eyes and hearts. They create interest in the audience. These channels help you run well planned campaigns and target right audience.Digital marketing services in hyderabad


3. Discussion Forums:


These networks are used to find, discuss and share news, information and opinions. Most popular Discussion forums are Quora, Reddit, Digg. These sites can be excellent resources for market research. Before the entry of Social media sites like Facebook, these networks were the place where professionals, experts and enthusiasts used to do discussions on variety of fields. These are the places that provide answers to different questions of different domains. If your Business requires deep research then these places would be the most benefiting one for your businesses. Apart from sharing information and knowing answers, these places effective in advertising as well.


4. Social Bookmarking Sites: These sites help in channelizing brand awareness for your business and choosing this one to run different types of social media marketing campaigns will help you generate website traffic and customer engagement. Social bookmarking sites help you find out, share, discuss and save a variety of latest content and media that are trending as well. Popular bookmarking site is Pinterest, to run campaign on Pinterest, you need to have a site that is bookmark-friendly. You should optimize headlines and pictures for the feeds that bookmarking and content curation networks use for accessing and sharing your content.Digital marketing company in hyderabad 


5. Social Review Sites:


Social Review Sites help to find out, share and review different information about a variety of products, services or brands. For a business to run successfully it’s necessary to have positive reviews on these networks because reviews act as a social proof. Resolving all the issues that your customers are posting on these Review platforms is important for the positive and productive outcomes for your business. Review content adds great value to any brand because it will have more impact on number of new buyers. Some of the social review sites are zomato, yelp etc.


6.Social Content Sharing Services:


Content Marketing is one of the most powerful ways to target, attract, engage and convert a target audience. Social content sharing services are used for publishing, discovering and commenting on articles, blogs and other content on web. Popular blogging platforms are WordPress, Blogger etc. Content marketing helps to get more conversions. If you want to use content marketing effectively you can use these services and also share this content on different social media sites like facebook, twitter, linkedin etc.  Digital marketing services in hyderabad