They can flip over the paper, skip classifieds, install ad blockers, change channels but when they are at the theatre, they have no choice but to be receptive.

No matter where you sit in a theatre, you have no option but to look at the screen and we, the team at Avivo, have vowed to make the best use of it. Unlike voluntarily scrolling past ads, switching channels, turning the paper, we cannot do anything in a theatre but just simply look at the screen while involuntarily having to avoid any distraction. It is one of the best distraction free places for brands to advertise and ensure that all the audience has watched the advertisement.

With evolving skill and knowledge of photography and cinematography, not just the films, but also the commercials are getting better day after day. Sometimes a visual advertisement shown in a theatre has more information, creativity, message, ability to attract the audience than the movie
itself. It’s funny but its the truth. With so many theatres and multiplexes coming up in the city, we definitely think that grabbing the screens for advertising your brand is a smart decision. We strategize the timing of your ad to ensure that its watched by most or all of the audience and boosts them to take a call for action and reach you as quickly as possible.